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SMS Marketing from 0.021€

With a 99,9% reading rate and sending costs starting at 2,1 cents per message, SMS Marketing is by far and without a doubt the most efficient channel available to convey your communication.

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Send mass SMS for the best price on the market.

Sending SMS in your marketing campaigns was never so simple and easy.


Import you contacts

You can manage your contacts easily and efficiently. Import them in one of our formats, CSV or TXT, and have them ready in seconds.


Write your message

Write the message you want to send, customizing different fields and even your contacts.



Send your personalized message, later accessing all the statistics of your marketing campaign.

The most complete sending statistics

The most complete statistical panel is available from our software, in order to give you full control over the efficiency of your marketing campaign.

Global statistics

Diagrams with an overview of your communications, provide you with a quick read on the distribution of your influences in the world, in the country or in the city.

Panel with distribution chart by country and cost table.

Complete diagrams

You will be able to consult the entire flow of sms sent, spread over several days of a certain period of time that you want to analyze.

Panel with chart of total, scheduled, manual and external shipments.

Costs specification

Map with information about the costs of each shipment or campaign, within a certain period of time that you want to analyze.

Dashboard with breakdown of costs per service and shipping schedule

Statistics per country

You will have at your disposal a complete and detailed geographic analysis, so that you can understand the distribution of your shipments in each market.

Panel with geographic graph: quantity, status and cost of shipments.

Dispatches calendar

Make your analysis of consumption in your marketing plan by sending sms. You will be able to observe the distribution of shipments per month, as well as partial and total shipments made in the year under analysis.

Dashboard with shipping schedule.

Dispatch state

Achieve the perception of the status of your shipments at every moment. Whether sending out or scheduled, you can always keep in mind the position of your campaigns in relation to your plan.

Dashboard with shipping status and details.

Manage your groups

With our tool, you can manage your messaging groups creating clients segmentations.

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Connection APIs

To automate your shipments, integrate the SMS Marketing platform with your management software or with your online store.

  • SMPP integration
  • HTTP GET integration
  • HTTP REST integration